Monday, June 13, 2011

if i could

I guess you have no idea about what i really feel to you...
And if i tell you the truth, what would you probably do?

Yeah, here we go one more time,
I'm spitting one more rhyme cuz' I believe that one day i'll blow!!!

I know that you don't speak English, no....
But i'm sincerely singing this shit cause i'm really chocked

because i looked into your eyes and it's making my head explode
I'm fuckin' confused, i can't even sing this rap!

But God, whatta hell is going wrong with my head?
I have got no option, what should i do now?

Am i going to stay here, wait for die and then go to hell?
I'm stucked in this soul, i wanna escape but there's no how

Yo!!! Can someone tell me what's going on?
What's going wrong in this world that we're living in?

I'm four-teen and you're the first crazy girl i've ever seen
You're crazy, smart and beautiful....Don't ya think?

Now i'm getting angry cause i'm opening my mouth
and the fucking words are not coming out

It's right on time to say what i feel to you
It would sound gay if i say that i love you...

So, i'm going to say it in a different way
Now, it's clear that i'm really not gay, Ok???

When i look into your eyes i can see an angel inside....
This angel is bothering me cause he doesn't leave my mind!!!

I could say i like everything on you...
The way you laugh, the way you walk, the way you think, the way you talk, the way you act and the way you smile....
I like you the way you are, i like your style

I admire all those things, but one is not good for you
Cause sometimes you can't see that some motherfuckers wanna fuck you
And sometimes i freak out, i get so sad....

Maybe you won't believe me how this shit makes me mad!
But i did this song cause it's the last warn
to these guys that lie telling you things that they aren't

You'd better stop to be ignorant and believe on them
Cause otherwise i'll stop to joke and i'll kill'em
You treat me as weird just because i listen to rap?

Have you ever thought that you make me act like a maniac?
Now you think i'm retarded just because i'm saying that?

I'm mentally depressed, i should take a little nap
But first, am i going to cry for you or laugh?

Those that play with you....they don't know the way they act

I'll kill'em and then, i'll try to forget the past
Yeah, i'll forget all this shit and i won't look back!

Yo, i don't give a fuck anyway cuz' i hate this crap!
As the world turns i love you a little more

I love you so much that nothing make sense to me anymore
I'm so depressed and sad that i would call you a whore

But, now i'm serious....this battle's getting so intense....
I got more problems i can handle....I got no friends....

Plus all this weight on my hands.....that's why i can't stand it....
I'm a man and i'm only begging you for a chance

So, how about this song, will this shit at least matter?
Cause i just wanted us to be happy together....

But i don't know.....maybe you're gonna kick my ass....

Maybe because you won't like to follow my footsteps
Unfortunately, now the beat is going to stop

What about that shit?
.....No! I will never give it up!

Remember the story i told you when you were my only friend?
I beg God to the same story never happen again!

So, tell me what are you going to do?
Who am i going to kill?

To show these guys what i can do for you....
Ain't no motherfucker that love you more than me
and i just ask you if that shit's so hard to see!

.....Am i asking too much?

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